Inside your magazine, explore the reign of a different ruler with each issue. Uncover their secrets, and the decisions that changed the face of Britain through the centuries. Find out what was happening in the world around them; examine their lives through the fascinating 4-page pull-out timeline included in each issue.

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Money Matters

Discover what the markings on your coins mean and what they were worth.

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Portrait of a Ruler

All the gruesome and glorious moments from the ruler’s life.

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Historical Highlight

Uncover the stories behind British history’s greatest defining moments.

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Life and Times

Find out what life was like for the common man.

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Family Tree

Trace the royal family back to its ancient roots and beyond.

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A four-page timeline illustrating all the incredible events that took place during the ruler’s life.

Take a look at our timeline to trace the lives of our rulers from their birth, through their reign and until their death.